What is innovation?

It’s transforming an idea in something useful and possibly profitable.

What is NOT innovation?

It’s transforming an idea into another idea. That is culture.

Is culture adverse to innovation? Don’t joke! Culture, that is playing with ideas, is the fertile ground for innovations.

Phenomenology of innovation

An idea is abstract, whereas an innovation is concrete.

The metamorphosis from an idea to an innovation has 9 stages, said Technology Readiness Levels (TRL).

At every level, we have the best experts: persons who have the skills and capacities to perform a step forward in the metamorphosis.

That’s why innovation requires team work (the ecosystem) and an innovation leader, who oversees the metamorphosis process.

Something might get wrong. For instance, the most important risk is to loose interest in the metamorphosis and to bounce from early concrete realizations back to abstract ideas.

Also, something very promising might happen: so, the innovation leader should tell it to the TRL experts (or a TRL expert should take the lead).

Activation of innovation

One of the most difficult task is to activate innovation. There are a lot of good suggestions, designed specifically for Universities, where cultural activities prevail over innovation activities.

in Trans2Care project, we have done a lot to prepare the ground and embed innovation processes in the universities and research organizations. The main ones have been training, knowledge and technology transfer, and dissemination.